UN – Warning to Donors

On December 26th 2004, a massive tsunami devastated many countries bordering the Indian Ocean leaving hundreds of thousands of persons dead and many more homeless. Unfortunatly, the United Nations, agency UNFPA, which describes itself as the “largest international public sector supplier of contraceptives, condoms and other “reproductive health” essentials, is seeking donations of 28 million dollars for reproductive “healthcare” for the victims of this disaster.

According to the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute,

the so called reproductive health kits developed by UNFPA for the initial acute phase of an emergency, include condoms, oral and injectable contraceptives including the abortifacient morning-after pills, and IUD[s]. The kits also contain manual vacuum aspirators, portable abortion devices that are easily used in primitive conditions such as refugee areas.

Thus, rather than helping the victims of this disaster by providing food, help with economic reconstruction and medical care, the priorities of this UN agency are in reality, the provision of abortion services including “emergency” contraception and the promotion of promiscuous and unsafe sexual practices such as the use of condoms. The UNFPA falsely claims that distribution of condoms helps control the spread of AIDS. The abject failure of this pernicious policy is well illustrated by the spread of this disease in Africa. Uganda, the only African country to successfully beat back its AIDS epidemic, did so, NOT by following the UN backed policies based on the promotion of so called “safe sex” but rather by encouraging abstinence. The failure of the UN to learn from the Uganda policy and adopt standard public health measures which promote chastity borders on criminal negligence and will inevitably lead to the deaths of millions of people.

Failure to halt the spread of AIDS and control diseases such as malaria are not the only opportunity cost of the UN’s blind obsession with abortion and population control. For many years, UN agencies have supported the coercive and genocidal one child policies of the Chinese government which are based upon forced abortions, compulsory sterilization, infanticide, and control of the number of live births. These policies have lead to the murder of millions of babies and to a catastrophic decline in the number of female births. If current trends continue, China will soon have an exponentially decreasing 4-2-1 population distribution with one grandson supporting 2 parents and 4 grandparents. Future economic and social collapse will likely follow.

The UN has become a corrupt organization, obsessed by dystopic visions of a new world order. Its solutions to many of the world’s ills are predicated upon primitive neo-malthusian notions of population reduction with no clear analysis of the consequences, moral or otherwise. Such an organization is manifestly unfit to lead relief efforts. For this reason, donors of aid are strongly urged to give only to reputable charities and to investigate carefully how their money will be used.

Philip Pennance


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