Our Composite President

Born Kenyan? Hawaiian?
No Narnian is he
Our President, just resident?
An evolving id

No Gipper, good speaker
But, what does he say?
Platitudes, fallacies,
Hip hip hooray!

Heftily taxing the wealthy
will impel them to produce
Health reform, carbon credits
the job market will improve

A reverse of Midas—
The budget gone bonkers
Fast Furious, GSA,
Solyndra, EPA
The scandals… Which scandals?
There’s always Bush to blame.

The wretched Secret Service
Sí, the Colombian affair
poor “knucklehead” children
Why not let them play?

Don’t let the mic open!
Or else, you may hear
his “need for more space”
“more flexibility” too
once November is over
The throne no more at stake.Elections are near
Join the merry blue club!
Keep hoping, keep cheering
Apply for your cut