A Comment on the Movie ‘Churchill’

A recent movie directed by Jonathan Teplitzky portrays Churchill as a senile, depressed and bumbling fool who was actively opposed to the Normandy landings. This is totally fake history. In reality, Churchill was pro-active in the planning of the D-Day landings.

For example, an early idea for temporary harbours had been sketched by Winston Churchill as early as 1917. In 1942, Churchill issued a memo “Piers for use on beaches” advocating such a construction for the landings in France. Soon after, Vice-Admiral John Hughes-Hallett, with the backing of Churchill, declared that if a port could not be captured, then one should be taken across the Channel.

In the autumn of 1942, the Chief of Combined Operations, Vice-Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, outlined the requirements for such a construction.

The video above shows the design which was implemented.

Music: To France – by Mike Oldfield