Generic Course Objectives

As is their wont, UPR bureaucrats and accrediting agencies require that each syllabus contain course objectives. Since all my courses have essentially the same objectives (relative to their content) we provide below a template. By filling the following convenient blank the user can readily obtain the objectives for his own course.

After this course the students are expected:

  1. to have acquired a good working knowledge of ___________ (substitute theme of course)
  2. to have developed their skills in thinking logically, formulating precise mathematical arguments, solving problems and presenting solutions in a good mathematical style;
  3. to have become familiar with the definitions, concepts, results and methods of proof relating to each part of the syllabus;
  4. be able to quote the definitions and results, and to reproduce the proofs of some key results;
  5. be able to solve problems relating to the material covered. These might be straight- forward applications of the definitions and results but might also be problems of a more testing nature.