Classroom Behaviour

Students are expected to:

  1. Make every effort to arrive on time for lectures and exams.
  2. Study the previous material before coming to class —subsequent material cannot be understood if current material has not been fully mastered.
  3. Refrain from conversations, reading newspapers, eating, or other distracting behaviour during lectures.
  4. Any sound or beep emitted by an electronic device will result in one absence. In an exam, this will result in a zero. Please see Policy on the USE of Electronic Apparati which is an integral part of this syllabus.
  5. Dress professionally. This is not the beach
  6. Not leave the classroom before the end of a lecture (emergencies excepted).
  7. Abstain from bringing persons (children, friends, etc.) who are not officialy registered to the classroom.
  8. Inform the instructor within the first week if special accommodation for medical or other serious reasons has been authorized by the corresponding UPR office.
  9. Ask only well formulated questions such as “how did you arrive at line 2?” or “how are you defining the concept of angle?”.  

If you don’t agree to abide by the above rules please don’t even think of registering in my section.