Math 3151 Calculus I

  1. Course Philosophy
  2. Generic Course Objectives
  3. Classroom Behaviour
  4. On the use of electronic aparati
  5. Recomendaciones para Estudiantes Nuevos
  6. In Praise of Lectures
  7. UPR Regulations concerning Academic Integrity and Reasonable Accommodation”


Syllabus S1 2020


  1. The Limit of a Sequence
  2. The epsilon-delta definition of a limit -From
  3. Limits using Epsilon and Delta – Example.
  4. Derivative of the Natural Logarithm
  5. The Chain Rule
  6. Points of Inflexion
  7. Rates of Change
  8. Rectilinear Motion
  9. Mean Value Theorem
  10. Optimization (Application to Optics)
  11. Antiderivative Formulae
  12. Substitution – more examples
  13. Antiderivatives Involving the Secant Function
  14. Telescoping Series
  15. The Definite Integral
  16. The Fundamental Theorem
  17. Application of the FTC to Logarithms
  18. Applications of the Definite Integral
  19. Work
  20. Harder Substitution Examples
  21. The Irrationality of e


  1. Limits of Sequences
  2. Limits of Functions
  3. Differentiation
  4. Differentiation
  5. Exponential Growth
  6. Rate of Change Problems
  7. Optimization with Constraints
  8. Antiderivatives (Indefinite Integrals)
  9. Definite Integrals
  10. Area


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