Instructions for Homeworks

You should attempt as many problems as possible. At the time of the last class period of the week, problems to be graded for credit will be selected and a limited amount of time will be granted to submit the solutions. Solutions may be written in either English or Spanish, preferably using the typesetting language LaTeX. Solutions which are not typed should be written neatly in black ink on the pdf provided and submitted in pdf format via Moodle. Notice that there is a TeX editor in Moodle. Grammar, syntax and punctuation will be taken into account. Necessary definitions should be given per genus et differentia.  

Important:  Cooperation on the homework problems is strictly prohibited. The mere reproduction of the section of a book or video. without attribution, or the work of another student,  may result in an F. Please make sure you read, understand and abide by the Academic Integrity Code of the University of Puerto Rico.